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My name is Andrea.
I'm a writer and artist living in Philadelphia.


The box they tell you to think outside? I crushed it when I was five.

My greatest professional passion is for helping brands forge identity and build voice. To that process, I bring intense curiosity and a journalist's savvy for asking questions. I've spent my career helping businesses discover what makes them unique, and transforming that knowledge into words that connect with audiences to fuel growth.

I've developed brand stories and content across a wide range of verticals, but specialize in B2B, including SaaS, manufacturing, insurance, and med tech.

I'm grateful to be alive to witness the progression of history and experience my own infinite mutability. I do not believe in a fixed self, and wake up excited each day to oversee my expansion. I value kindness, curiosity, humility, wisdom, gratitude, and playfulness. In that order.

You can view my resume here.

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