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Web Copy

Andrea O. Bullard

Web Copy for Cultural Convergence

This sustainable tourism company needed web copy

that communicated safety and ease, as well as a spirit of adventure
to captivate and reassure sophisticated travelers seeking an authentic experience in Mexico.

CC About.png
CC Custom.png
CC Ex1.png
CC Ex2.png

Web Copy for OVATION Events

While working at Philadelphia-based branding agency Woden, I had the pleasure of developing a brand story for this Nashville-based event production agency. After developing a narrative around the concept of small details generating big impact, I wrote web copy to convey this message to event leaders at large corporations and non-profits. 

OVATION banner.png
OVATION copy 1.png

Web Copy for Millers Mutual Group

While working at Philadelphia-based branding agency Woden, I collaborated with regional P&C insurer Millers Mutual to uncover what made the brand unique. Following an extensive research and interview process, my team and I discovered that what made Millers special was its deep passion for the multifamily housing market.

Millers web copy.png
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